Still sick after Breast Screening Assessment Nightmare – Now have Lumps under my armpits and sweating profusely

Another day phoning helplines for emotional support. And also being told by trauma organisations I could not access their services as I had suffered a medical injury. As well as the chronic stabbing burning stinging pain in my left breast and what feels like a hole in my heart when I breathe I have been sweating like mad since this happened. It’s very uncomfortable.

There is a virus in my body and I am hoping that part of this determination to stick a needle in 100% of women at breast assessments is not to actually cause a virus. That sounds sci fi but I don’t know. I am so sick since this screening and no medics are helping me or testing me. It makes me feel hopeless about life.

Like I said I complained and they are denying most of this. It is called closing ranks. So here is the thing as well as this terrible breast pain, tightness in chest and inability to breathe properly after the mammogram and the needle surgery I have swollen armpits. After the mammogram I had swollen bumps but now it is under my arms and it is terrible burning and stinging and firey and sore. What the hell is happening to my body?

I wish I had never gone to that horror hospital. That woman was so determined to stick a needle in me. I now have a lump under the armpit near where the needle was stuck into the left breast and also a lump near my right armpit. All this horror started after the breast screening assessment. I wish I had not gone more than anything in my life. All I can do is curl up in bed. The pain is chronic. The way my body is changing is chronic.

90% of breast lumps are not cancer so why subject women to such a heavy handed approach. Let them at least have one menstrual cycle. I got no history of breast problems. I got a small lump inside my left breast doc thought it was a cyst but referred me to have it looked at. Which I thought meant a hand examination and some discussion of cysts. Within those 2 weeks I got my period and the lump went away. I never had pain.

Then after being subjected to that mammogram and needle surgery against my will my life has plummeted and I have been very sick. 10 courses of antibiotics. Did I get an infection in the hospital? Does this happen? Should they not be doing blood tests? Who knows the answers to this?

NIGHTMARE. Makes me think. GOD HELP those women who have biopsies and breast cancers. Cause this is hell. Think carefully before you let yourself go through all this. I am very wary of needles as my friend worked in doctors surgery and said doctors were paid by pharmaceutical companies to get people to get flu vaccines. I am also alarmed re the micro-chipping thing.

Surely some medical professional should be doing tests on me????? To see what is wrong? I cannot seem to get air in my lungs properly either.

Welcome to THE BREAST CANCER INDUSTRY. And I never had cancer. Have they given me cancer????? With radiation, stabbing a needle in, infection and stress. I am thinking my lymph nodes are swollen. HOSPITALS can be the most dangerous places in the world when you are a victim of MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE. 😦

I have been scouring the internet about side effects from Mammograms and there is very little to be found as the internet is populated with medical sites telling people to get them bla bla bla. I have to say who checks the radiation levels in these machines? My breasts have kinda felt on fire almost burnt since I have mine along with everything else. I WISH I had not gone to that HORROR Hospital. There is something very wrong happening to me. What on earth have these people done?

Sometimes I think this Breast Epidemic is just a culling of women over 40 or indeed 50. I have read reports that it is the CHEMO and the  SURGERY that kills women not Cancer. I guess in some cases large tumours would. It all depends on the individual. But the current system is injuring healthy women and like I said they sate 90% of lumps are normal. This BREAST SCREENING ASSESSMENT NIGHTMARE has ruined my life. 😦

After this if I do not have a horrific illness or blood disease and they have not somehow given me cancer or done something really bad I am avoiding hospitals. I would rather die in a field. Western Medicine is a Violence based medical system. Poison, cut, burn. No emphasis on preventative medicine, natural healing or even after care. If anyone has suffered this after a mammogram and the hideous needle in breast thing and has recovered let me know how. I feel very ill.

3 thoughts on “Still sick after Breast Screening Assessment Nightmare – Now have Lumps under my armpits and sweating profusely

    1. Hi there. I don’t live in America so we have public hospital system here. But I am getting so bad now that I am going to borrow money to go private. My own doctors surgery are not helping me. I need properly investigated and diagnosed. Yes it feels like there is a foreign object inside. I am hoping not a titanium marker but I think they would say if they did that. I dont know if there if a bit off needle can break off or a bit of whatever they used I honestly dont know. It could be the scar tissue inside or blood clotting or damaged nerve. I have everything wrong with me now. 😦 Em the doctors, as you call the primary care physician do not want to know. They have changed since I was young and have not even done basic health checks on me. I have to try and go private I think. My body is shitting down now and I have been shocked into early menopause cause my periods stopped after this as it was so violent and unexpected and forceful and not necessary. This so called Breast Assessment ruined my life. 😦 Thanks for feedback though.


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